10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

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    10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

    The bathroom is a small room, but everyone can agree it ranks high on the importance level. Each family member and your guests will spend some time in the bathroom. Whether you want to do a complete bathroom remodel just want to decorate it some, there are many ways to make your bathroom more beautiful. Why wouldn’t you want to? You spend each morning in the bathroom getting ready for your day. You may spend the evenings relaxing and washing away the stress of the day. It’s a special room that helps you feel beautiful. Why not make it beautiful too?

    10 Ideas to Spruce Up the Bathroom

    Here are 10 ways to make your bathroom beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable.

    1. Add Splashes of Color and Textiles
    Towels and bathmats provide splashes of color and make your bathroom feel cozy. You may
    want to experiment with some colors to see what helps you relax best. You may want to use
    brightly colored towels and other décor. Consider installing shelves or modern towel racks to
    display your towels and other items.

    2. Install Shelving
    Storage is key to keeping personal items put away and out of sight. Keep your bathroom tidy
    and clean by adding a built-in or freestanding shelving unit.

    3. Matching Hardware
    Create a cohesive look by matching all the hardware in your bathroom. Shower curtain rings,
    toilet paper holders, knobs, towel racks, and any other metal finishes can improve the
    bathroom’s look and feel.

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    4. Add Furnishings
    If you have a larger bathroom adding furniture can make it even cozier while adding an elegant
    finish. Add a short bench, ottoman, or short stool for sitting after bathing. Use decorative end
    tables to store towels and bath supplies.

    5. Accent with Glass
    Give your bathroom a lively look by using glass containers for your liquids. Decorative glass
    containers can hold bubble baths, bath bombs, and bath salts. Mixed in with your décor, they
    can add a touch of class and color.

    6. Display Towels
    You don’t have to just hang your towels on a towel rack. There are numerous creative ways to
    display towels and make them part of the décor. Hooks, ascending towel baskets, rolled towel
    baskets, or curved towel shelves can display towels creatively.

    7. Floating Shower Bench
    The floating shower bench is a new concept for walk-in showers. The bench is securely anchored
    to the wall. It keeps the shower open while providing a space to sit and store items.

    8. Vanity Lights
    Enhance your vanity with lighting. Adding more than one source of light helps minimize cast
    shadows. It makes bathroom tasks easier and gives your face a soft glow.

    9. Tile with Non-white Grout
    Adding tiles to your bathroom can give it a fresh, clean look. Whether you are adding tile
    features or retiling for a new look, consider using non-white grout. You can match the grout

    color with a gray or tan in your bathroom décor. You may want to choose a contrasting color or
    just go with a nice non-white neutral. Replacing the grungy white grout in your bathroom can be
    like a facelift.

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    10. Update with New Fixtures
    Updating lighting and water fixtures can level up your bathroom. Mixing and matching finishes is
    like creating a work of art. However, note that using more than two or three finishes tends to be
    too busy. You may want to just use the same finish throughout the bathroom for a cohesive
    look. Whichever way you decide to update bathroom fixtures, you can create a whole new feel.

    Create a Beautiful Space with a Bathroom Remodel

    10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful
    Whether you want to change a few features, add a shower bench, change out fixtures, or you want an entirely new bathroom, call the pros at Chicagoland Remodeling. Our experienced contractors can handle any level of remodeling you need. We can create a whole new bathroom for you, or we can make an old bathroom new with a few changes. We bring decades of experience and expertise to every project and provide high-quality workmanship you can trust. Call us today for all your bathroom

    remodeling needs.

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