Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

Best Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

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    Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

    Deciding to undertake bathroom remodeling can soon become overwhelming. There are many
    considerations and choices that need to be made. Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to modernize
    and refresh the space. You may want to do a full remodel or just make a few changes that offer a great
    impact. Whether you want to go big or make a few small updates, it pays to be prepared by planning
    ahead. Here is a bathroom remodeling checklist to help you make sure you cover all the bases.

    Checklist item 1: Start Gathering Ideas

    The first item on your bathroom remodeling checklist is to think about what you want the bathroom to be like once the project is done. An online search can provide you with plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas. While you are searching for ideas that will work for you, there are some elements you may want to view in person. For instance, faucets and fixtures can be seen at a local hardware store. Use your phone to capture the ideas and styles you really like.

    Checklist item 2: Choose What to Change or Add

    Think about the scope of the remodeling project. Will you get rid of everything and start from scratch?
    Or do you just want to make a few changes? Maybe you just want to modernize fixtures and lighting,
    add storage options, or a coat of paint. Remember that the amount of work you want to do will affect
    how much you spend. Since the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, people often fail to realize
    how many accessories and fixtures there are to consider. Here are just a few of the items you’ll want to

    • Bathtub or spa
    • Shower, shower door, curtain, seats
    • Soap holder
    • Cabinets, shelves, storage
    • Countertops
    • Vanity
    • Faucet and Lavatory
    • Lighting
    • Tub, shower faucet, drain, valve
    • Mirrors
    • Wall coverings
    • Toilet paper holders
    • Towel racks and towel holders
    • Heating and air conditioning
    • Ventilation
    • Flooring
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    Checklist item 3: Type of Bathroom

    Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, no matter how large or small. You may
    not want to change the type of bathroom you have when you remodel. On the other hand, it may be the
    entire reason for the bathroom remodel. You can make it as luxurious as your budget allows. A stand
    bathroom is a full bath. This type has a bathtub or shower, or both. It also has a sink and a toilet. 

    You may want to change to a half bath or add or remove a tub. One of the latest trends is a wet bath, which is fully waterproof. Deciding what type of bathroom you want to end up with will affect all your other decisions as well.

    Checklist item 4: Bathroom Lighting

    Many homeowners forget about lighting. That’s why it’s on this bathroom remodeling checklist. You
    don’t want to end up with bad lighting in your bathroom. There are many options to consider, including
    natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting through windows and skylights makes the room feel
    brighter and airier. Don’t forget about artificial lighting features. 

    No matter how good the natural lighting is, you’ll still want some artificial lighting too. Don’t forget about lighting the shower and tub areas too.

    Checklist item 5: Add Some Luxury

    When you are remodeling your bathroom, and your budget allows, you will want to consider a few
    extras to make the room special. Some options that are considered luxury items are becoming more
    common in today’s modern bathrooms.

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    Heated floors continue to trend. They can make a big difference when it comes to your comfort. Another luxury item is a heated towel rail that keeps towels warm. And wall-mounted features like washbasins, cabinets, and toilets offer a modern, sleek look. They also help open up the floor space.

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