Do it yourself bathroom ideas

Quick DIY remodeling with tile painting

You enter into your bathroom and aren’t thoroughly pleased with its looks and overall functionality. First thought is giving a call your neighborhood remodeling crew for top to bottom makeover. In some cases, it would be quite viable solution as laying tiles, rearranging plumbing or installing fixtures lies outside skills and patience of average homeowners. Sometimes however, you just want to pimp your house, investing little time and money. And internet comes to your aid offering plenty of advice for more or less technically minded. One of the DIY remodeling ideas that allow for complete change of interior feel is painting tiles. Task itself isn’t overly complicated and requires neither top-notch equipment nor exotic materials. You’ll only need sand paper, a paint roller and of course, paint (either latex or epoxy).  However, there is a caveat. This solution won’t work well for heavy trafficked or wet areas (floor, tub or shower surroundings, vanity countertops).

Storage containers – eco-friendly and charming bathroom idea

Painting tiles is a quick process, which gives your bathroom completely new look. But if such idea isn’t to your liking, you can always limit yourself to changing color of chosen pieces of furniture or accessories. Particularly charming and budget friendly option is handmade jars and storage containers.  They don’t have to be elaborate or very decorative to start with, actually quite the contrary – the simpler the better. The only requirement – they should be water resistant or at least fare well in humid bathroom environment. At the end of the day, you don’t want your creations’ to be eaten by mold. You may also consider reusing containers that otherwise would be chucked into recycling bin. As result, your DIY project will not be friendly for your budget but also for environment. As far as decorating them is involved, imagination is the limit – paint, water-resistant marker, glitter an even old doorknobs (working as handles).