How to renovate an old house?

How to renovate an old house?

Planning is Key

Considering renovating an old house? It is important to get a basic plan in place at the beginning.
Check the foundation for stability and water issues. Structural problems must be addressed early on, exterior and interior. Which interior walls are supporting walls? Are exterior walls sound?
Next to consider is electrical service. Is there proper amperage and wiring to support a modern household? Will the electrical service support an HVAC system? Getting a plan of how to wire the house, including a heating and air conditioning system and how to run duct work are some of the basic decisions that need to be planned early in the process.

The roof is the next consideration. Is the structure solid? Are there openings or holes? Attached to the roof are fascias and gutters. Guttering controls water runoff and leads directly to the issue of outside water drainage. Water lines coming into the house as well as sewage lines leaving the house need to be checked and replaced if necessary. Next comes plumbing. How much can be saved and what will need replacing?

Basics First, Then Details

Once all these basics are in place, then the interior work begins. Flooring is often well worth saving, but refinishing of old wood floors should wait until major interior construction is done. Walls, ceilings, dealing with plaster versus stripping it away and replacing it with more modern materials, are all major decisions. Then comes plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinetry and finishes such as tile, wall board and paint.

In short, renovating an old house involves a wide variety of skilled trades and deep knowledge of the mechanics and structural elements of a building. Planning every stage of the process from the beginning can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Home renovating is a rewarding experience, but it also has the potential to turn into a nightmare. Get expert advice before you start, you’ll be glad you did.

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