Planning Your Ideal Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home renovation projects in the country. Homeowners spend more money on this room than any other part of the house. The reason for this is simple: remodeling provides you with a great return on your investment – on average, you stand to recover about 60% of your investment. The first step in any successful remodeling is to spend several months planning. Impulsive renovations are far less likely to leave you satisfied and probably going to be less cost-effective as well. Consider foot traffic, kitchen usage patterns, and choose all your fixtures and materials.

A Word About Appliances During Your Remodel

One of the biggest money-wasters during a kitchen remodel is changing up the location of your appliances. Moving plumping and electrical outlets can vastly inflate the price of your renovation, so try to keep your appliances, fixtures, and walls in the same location. On the same note, avoid going crazy with luxury appliances. While everyone wants a nice stove, it’s important to be realistic. Unless you’re a professional-grade cook, a standard range will be fine. Spend this kind of money on long-term options which add value like cabinets and flooring.

Choose High-Quality Materials and Good Lighting

Good lighting is a great way to spend your remodeling dollars. Creative use of under-cabinet lighting and extra fixtures can make your kitchen look better, bigger, and brighter without blowing up your budget. Under-cabinet lighting is an essential option for any kitchen, and pendant lights or recessed lights are also great options to brighten things up in there. Ambient lighting with dimmer switches is great for creating an attractive mood. Finally, even if you’re on a tight budget, avoid choosing budget materials. Quality should always be a primary consideration. Choose solid-surface countertops and products with long-lasting warranties. It might cost more up front, but the quality is worth it.