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Review Date: January 31, 2013

I contacted Chicagoland Remodeling (CR) for a quote on remodeling our family room. The items I was interested in were removal of wood paneling, installation of hardwood floors, replacement of drywall, raising ceiling, and installation of recessed lighting. Chicagoland Remodeling was slightly higher than other bids, but the detail in the contract, detail in work performed, and the quality of the materials used actually made it on par with others. After the initial demolition stage, we started to think of some additional adds such as additional outlets, dimmer switch, and putting drywall over a brick wall. We approached Chicagoland Remodeling about our additional requests and they were able to provide a quote quickly and told us they would be able to complete the adds in the original time frame.

CR started on time, ended on time, and provided a higher quality remodeling than I had expected. They were able to accommodate additional work and surprises like finding out that half of our ceiling was filled with duct work, only allowing us to raise half of the ceiling and making it more complicated to install the recessed lighting. Having seen similar work done by other contractors CR had high quality workmanship and took time to do things right. For example one contractor told us to lay the hardwood floor over the existing vinyl floor. In contrast, CR bid was to remove the vinyl tile, install a vapor barrier, install a subfloor and then install the hardwood floor.

I was also impressed with the high level of communication CR offered. Izabela in the office was always quick to respond to questions and details. I worked with her multiple times on the contract and she was always courteous and prompt. When I had questions about work being done while I was at work, it was easy for me to contact someone from CR on site either through Izabela or Wally. I couldn’t be happier with the work or the service. We are actually pleased to have people in our home now…just because of the amazing improvements to the family room.

Review Date: December 22, 2012

We bought our condo in October 2010. In February 2011, our downstairs neighbor reported that water was coming into their unit from our bathroom directly above, which the management company of our association determined was due to an improperly installed rubber liner in our shower. We had three highly-rated contractors give estimates, and were extremely impressed with the professionalism and creativity of Wally from Chicagoland Remodeling when he came out to give an estimate. As new homeowners, we just wanted to have the problem fixed, not go through a lengthy or expensive redo of the shower; Wally was understanding of this and priced a replacement of just the floor, bench, and first row of wall tiles using existing tile left over from the previous owner’s bathroom renovation.

The worker who did the repairs was prompt, polite, and very careful about minimizing the mess. When the concrete floor was removed, he discovered the wooden subfloor and some of the support beams were rotted out, so he went out to the hardware store immediately, bought new wood, and replaced it same day. The project was still completed on schedule with the only additional cost being for the unexpected replacement of the subfloor. Best of all, the bathroom looks as great as it did when we first bought the house – the tile repair work blends seamlessly with the rest of the shower and floor. While I wish I had reviewed this contractor sooner after the work was completed, I can also say almost two years later, everything still looks great, nothing is leaking, and we have no complaints!

Review Date: December 09, 2012

Description Of Work: Tear off 2000 sq ft flat roof, approx 50 years old with multiple layers. Re-flash sky lights, new glass on existing skylights. new drains, build new skylights, install tube skylights (2). Remove and re-flash coping tiles, repair rotten decking, tuck pointing, gutters, scuppers, siding, tear off and restore small sloped porch roof. Paint silver.

Very pleased. All went well, despite numerous problems that were hidden under old roof(s). Wally and his crew were professional and did a great job on the many aspects of this roof repair.

I have always been very wary of roofers but I was extremely happy with the quality and speed of their work. I was at the site for all of the job and could not have hoped for better work. I will recommend them to friends and if I need this kind of work again I would have no hesitation to call them.

Review Date: May 20, 2012

Description Of Work: Complete rehab (inside work: kitchen, 3 bathroom remodeling, hardwood floor, build new pantry and outside work: tear off and re-roof , new hardie board siding installation, gutters and downspouts, new chimney.

Overall, a terrific experience that went better than I could have ever hoped for. We interviewed three companies and selected Chicagoland Remodeling Inc based on price, interaction, review and communication.

We met with Wally Szymanski to go over our initial ideas and to get a quote. Wally was very easy to talk to and understood what our goals were. But, he was also very honest when it came to assessing our project and what he felt was a good idea and what wasn’t. We did not avoid additional charges, but all were based on our selections and changes we made during entire project. What I like the most was that every change has separate Work Order which was prepared by Izabela. They could have easily steered us toward a much bigger and more expensive renovation.

Wally had also mentioned, in our first conversation, that if there were any other small projects that we had been considering doing (as everyone does), that he could quote them and keep the price down since they would already be there doing work. So, of course, we did. The quote that I received was very reasonable and in line with or cheaper than the other two companies. We then met with Wally again, just before the project start, to finalize the contract and go over my list of questions. He brought Jack, the lead carpenter for the project, to look everything over and answer any technical questions that we had.

The project started on the agreed date. Jack, Damian and Paul were the three carpenters for the project. They had said that they would be there at 8am and work until 4pm/5pm, depending on the day’s schedule. They showed up between 7:45am and 7:55am EVERY day, worked until 4:40pm to 5pm EVERY day, SIX days a week, until the project was finished. The original timeline was 4 to 6 weeks for the kitchen, bathroom and other jobs but, as with any renovation, complications pushed the entire project to 8 weeks in total. This included the side projects that we had added.

When problems/complications arose, Wally, Izabela and Jack were all very helpful and creative about finding a solution. Nothing was ever done without our prior approval, everything was explained clearly before being executed and all of our concerns were taken very seriously. If there were things that we wanted done a specific way, every attempt was made to satisfy us when at all possible. Of course we had to compromise on one or two things, but not for lack of Chicagoland’s effort. All exterior work was done by professional worker, Chicagoland have crew for every single trade different for siding, roofing and interior renovation. All workers and Management were professional, respectful, engaging, personable, knowledgeable, diligent and highly skilled.

My wife and I are very particular when it comes to design and execution. We tend to look everything over very critically on a project like this. The level of craftsmanship that was brought to this renovation was outstanding. I must mention the one problem that we had during the renovation. It is not insignificant and did cause some distress. Wally recommends installing ridge vent on our roof to avoid mold growing, however we decided to install mushroom vents- it was a mistake we should listen to Wally’s suggestions. After our roof was complete we hire an insulation company and they said exactly the same about ventilation, however Wally was so nice and send worker over to correct it. In a nutshell, we could not be happier with our experience with and results from Chicagoland. I would not hesitate to hire them again and, in fact, have already approached them about doing another project.